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Robotic arms whip up ramen, make #1 (&2) on wishlist.
August 18th, 2009 - Alexis

Have a craving for some authentic Japanese noodle soup? Then call up the makers of these babies, and have a pair installed in your home today! No, seriously. And then invite Don and I over for dinner. Tonight works for us.

Fua-men, a restaurant in Nagoya, Japan, features robotic arms that prepare pork-broth ramen with the ultimate goal of publicizing the latest technological achievements of local robot manufacturer Aisei. However, we hear the soup’s not half bad either! According to Aisei’s president, Kenji Nagaya, the method has tangible merit:

“The benefits of using robots as ramen chefs include the accuracy of timing in boiling noodles, precise movements in adding toppings and consistency in the taste and temperature of the soup.” source

All this, AND it can make eighty bowls a day! Not bad! Did I mention that I want one of these? Watch the video, you’ll want some too! Oh, and be sure to stay tuned in for the finale. These bots get cooking with more than just ramen!

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