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Phone Interview Tips: How to be Successful at Telephone Interviews

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1) Match your style to the interviewers: If the interviewer uses lots of technical terms and industry jargon so should you, if you know what they mean! If it becomes clear that your interviewer is a general recruiter– you will need to convey your broader skills set to them- they are not so interested in the technical aspects of the role, but will you fit into the company and your general personality traits.

2) Never interrupt- be a conversationalist: count to two or three seconds after the interviewer stops talking before you start. Do not be afraid of short silences- the interviewer will expect you to take some time to gather you thoughts. Listen properly- acknowledge them with the occasional supportive noise… use their name correctly- never use first names unless they suggest it… drop in the company’s name occasionally.

3) Avoid negative words: be positive, confident. Show that you are a problem solver not a problem maker.

4) Consider your voice, posture, appearance and body language:


Answer the phone professionally- Hello, this is Jane or Hello, Ashik speaking.

Wear suitable clothes- as if they could see you. It helps you get into the role

Speak while standing up or walking around- it makes a difference to the projection and quality of your voice


Smoke, chew gum, eat or drink while on the phone- but do have water handy

10) Ask questions: remember to ask your questions that you have prepared beforehand.

At the end of the interview:

Be ready to recap your fit for the job- have a 30 second summary of why you are right for this role.

Clarify the next steps:

  • When can you expect to hear from them?
  • Do you have permission to contact them if you have not heard from them in an agreed time?
  • Make sure you have all their exact contact details

Remember: your goal is to get a face-to-face interview

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